Review of Spheron SceneCam

Without a doubt the technology with the biggest WOW factor that I saw at the ESRI Europe show in London was the 360 degree camera from Spheron.  The quality of the image that is produced by the platform is truly stunning.  The system delivers with a custom tripod for taking offset images that allow for parallax measurement in their custom software package.  As with many solutions, the real magic is in the software.  The system that they have developed is elegant, delivering the ability not only to measure distances on the images, but also to tag the images with attributes and therefore link to a document management system or other database systems.

The implications of this system to architects for creating an assessment of existing conditions in high-end or complex spaces would be hard to over-estimate.  Unlike other 3D laser approaches, this solution gives you an incredibly rich photographic detail of every part of the space.  The details of the space that can be visually interpreted go far beyond the basic surfaces available from a laser point cloud.  Imagine being able to revisit each room in a building as often as you wish to remind you of finish detail, light switch placement, furnishings, etc.  If you are an architect that works in interesting buildings, you have to check these guys out!