Facilities Information Infrastructure (FII) Revisited

In 2009, I first wrote a blog post about Facilities Information Infrastructure (FII).  Re-reading that post this week has prompted me to write about the concept again as the principles are as true today as they were a half-decade ago.

Our experience of the last six years supporting clients in the effective management and protection of their facilities has made clear to me that Facilities Information Infrastructure (FII) gets at a core challenge that virtually every one of our clients faces - managing and relating a variety of information about their facilities.   Data management is not new, shiny, or sexy.  But no matter what industry or what problem we try to address, the issue is essentially the same - ”you can’t manage what you can’t measure or see”.  And measurement and management are all critically dependent on sound data management.

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Thoughts on GITA 2010

I spent most of last week in Phoenix at the GITA conference. I had never spent any time in Phoenix before other than the airport so it was interesting to get a little bit of a fell for that city. I was fortunate to be able to give a presentation on Building a Facilities Information Infrastructure to Support Public Safety. Both the presentation and the paper are available on the PenBay Solutions Web Site.
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PenBay Solutions Launches New Web Site

Today we launched our new web site at PenBay Solutions. The new site has been re-designed from top to bottom to more clearly describe our capabilities related to Facilities Information Infrastructure and Enterprise GIS.
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